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Frequently Asked Questions

  ·         What kind of bicycle do I need?

 Raw bicycle engine kits fit on most 24" - 26" full-size men's bikes. The V frame has to have a minimum of 10 ½ inches in height and 5 inches in width.

·         How long have you been in business and why does your engine have a brand on it?

 Raw Motors has been in business since 2006 and was the first company to brand our own engines. We carefully have our factory monitor ever engine that is made and make sure our customers have the best riding experience and quality they deserve. We put our name on our engine because reputation is everything. Our quality speaks for itself.

 ·         What is the warranty for our engine kits?

All Raw motors that have a Raw Motor plate on the engine carry a 6 months warranty.

·         What are the shipping methods that you use and how long before I receive it?

All engine kits are shipped thru FedEx or USPS. You can track FedEx packages at and for USPS packages.  FedEx Ground is about 5 business days depending on region. USPS ranges anywhere from 2 to 7 business days.

·         How many miles do I get on a tank of gas?

Average is about 150 mpg depending on the weight of the rider.

 ·         What is the oil mixture for the engine kits and what is the wiring diagram for the kill switch?

 For 2 stroke engines use 8oz motor oil per 1 gallon of gasoline. After break in period use 4oz motor oil per 1 gallon of gasoline. Black and Blue wire goes with Black and Blue. White wire goes with Red / Yellow and Green is ground.

 ·         How long does it take to install this engine kit?

Standard installation ranges from 1:30 minutes to 2:30 minutes.

·         Is the bicycle engine easy to maintain?

All you need to do is add oil mixture and gasoline and check if bolts are loose every 60 days or 300 miles.

·         Are 80cc are 66cc engines the same?

In China the size of the head is measure differently than the United States. The actual size of the head in the USA with our standard system is 66cc. In China the measurement is 80cc. We give credit to China because they are the manufactures of these engines.


·         Are Chinese engines worst than USA made engines?

Chinese engines have been used in China for over 50 years and were the basic means of transportation. Experience is everything when it comes to motors and China has far more experience in 2 stroke engines than any other county.